Shinco present many advan tages to our distributors including

  • Superior pricing system
  • Sales and installation leads in your area
  • Excellent after sale support on all Warranty related issues.

Air Conditioners

Split Air conditioners are the ideal solution for older homes without duct work, a small store or an office. Easy to install and maintain.
Split Air conditioners are optimal if one is looking for a cost efficient solution.

& Accessories

Shinco builds its reputation by making products that last. Our dedication to quality, innovation and value reveals itself in everything we make!
All Shinco Ductless air conditioners are sold with a 5 year warranty.

Shinco is a world class Air Conditioner manufacturing company. We have built our reputation by providing high quality products with exceptional after sale service for over 20 years. All Shinco mini split air conditioners are equipped with a highly intelligent Inverter Compressor. By better controlling the variable speed of the compressor, our split air conditioners draw up to 30% less electricity! In
addition, all new 2011 Inverter mini split models are now Energy StarĀ® approved. Energy StarĀ® helps you make sure that you are purchasing a product that will save you money on your energy bill without sacrificing performance features or comfort.